Christmas Cards


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Today I worked on our Christmas cards. Holidays, simply put, are surreal. The preparation, meaning, memories, all have the ability to take me out of the present feeling as though I’m floating above the actual events, that I’m not the one actually performing the tasks. Although every holiday brings with it the awareness of time passing, Christmas is the most evident for me because it is the holiday I get most excited for. It is like Thanksgiving, Easter, and my birthday all rolled into one. Christmas has a delicious homemade dinner, family, packed church service, worship, and presents. How could any child not lie awake with anticipation for the coming day? But when the day arrives it brings along a sorrow that, although the day seemingly took FOREVER to come, it managed to come and somehow come quicker than expected. Christmas holds both excitement and sadness; yes it’s here, but it is ever fleeting.

People tell me the older I get the more time will fly, but I’ve always felt time passing too quickly. Sensing that life is short helps me keep things in perspective. A lifelong commitment with someone helps that as well. I try to let the little nuisances pass by with deep breathes and faith in a bigger picture. Life is too precious to be frustrated or held up on things that are out of my control. As my dad so eloquently says, “Don’t pole vault over mouse turds.”

As Christmas day approaches, we will be preparing our feast, our decorations, our gifts, and our hearts, all while listening to the wonderful music that is only appropriate this time of year. Don’t worry, we won’t miss out on Thanksgiving beforehand!

Banana Nut Muffins


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I got the desire yesterday afternoon to do something I do quite regularly: make muffins. Assuming I had all the ingredients, I began pouring and stirring, mixing and making only to be abruptly frozen while staring into the fridge: no eggs. Crap, what to do, what to do? … What container did I read that had an egg substitute? Milled flax seed? (Dig through refrigerator and scan the instructions and uses on the side of the box in a worried, hurried fashion.)

“Did you know? Milled Flax Seed may be used as a Fat Substitute in most recipes. Generally, 3 Tbsp. Milled Flax Seed can replace 1 Tbsp. fat or oil. Likewise, 1 Tbsp. Milled Flax Seed plus 3 Tbsp. of water can replace 1 egg.”

Thank you Hodgson Mill, here we go! I continued my old recipe with this new, adapted step and high hopes. The result: a slightly stickier, but still delectable snack. It was thoroughly enjoyed alongside a hot cup of Rooibos Capetown tea from TeaFusion in Peachtree City. Crisis averted!

A New Hope (ba ba ba bum bUm, bum bum bum bUm bum)


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Blog? Blooooog? BLLLOOOOOGGGG?! Ah, here you are, where have you been?! I was worried I’d never find you again.

What? You thought I had abandoned you? W-why, w-w-well, I guess that’s true. I’m honestly sorry I did that to you.

But here I am. I’ve already weeded through all of the spam. I’m ready to return if you’ll give me a hand.

I’m still the same ole me, nothing too glam or fancy.

Thanks for welcoming me back. Now, let’s get back on track!