Wedding Day


Posted by Juliane | Posted in Georgia | Posted on 28-06-2009

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Saturday June 27th, 2009  Wedding Day

The alarm went off at 6:00am in Jess’ bedroom awakening her, my mother and myself who all crammed into the full size bed the night before. It’s an odd feeling waking up on the day of your wedding. I thought it would feel like the climax of all the planning and excitement rolled into “The Wedding Day” but strangely it felt as if it were any other day. We busied ourselves with our looks and last minute bridal party things. Some of my very best friends took so much of the weight off me by helping with balloons, tables, food and drinks, music, guest arrival and other stuff.

Other than marrying Andrew the best part of the day was to witness those that love me serving me on my wedding day. Not one person acted selfishly or had a bad attitude even though the stresses were high and my attitude before the wedding had probably not been the most honorable.

From the high-peak white tents to the sunflower garden and the ceremony under the great tree, the entire day was magnificent. Even my flower princesses and ring prince did their parts flawlessly. People took time out of their busy schedules to come celebrate with Andrew and I in the sweltering heat and it truly was priceless. As we left walking through a sweet rain of white rose petals and sunflower seeds, we knew we couldn’t have asked for more. After our arrival at the Hilton-Atlanta where we were immediately upgraded and given champagne, we couldn’t get over how amazing everything turned out. Although the Fancy Flush air-conditioning wasn’t turned as low as we should have turned it and we had several music malfunctions, none of it mattered or could take away from the perfection of the day. Andrew and I sat in out executive room and ate the plates of wedding food my mother and sister made for us right down to wedding cake for dessert.