Day 30 – My Birthday


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Thursday July 30, 2009          

For my 23rd birthday I decided to go to what a friend called the adult version of Chuck E. Cheese, Dave and Buster’s. Not having been in several years, we all had a blast! I ended up winning over 3,000 tickets on a virtual Jump rope game! I may have looked like a goober but I walked away with a Hoodie to show for it!

Day 21 – The Golf Cart Ride


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Tuesday July 21st, 2009

My wonderful mother and sister decided to surprise me with my favorite meal, perogies, the night of my homecoming. My mother wanted to have a “short” golf cart ride before we ate. Jessica, Mom and I jumped into the front seat of our EZGO and were off! About fifteen minutes later we were definitely off but stopped in the middle of a cul-de-sac with the smell of burning plastic and no hope of getting the cart moving. After a very able bodied young man shut the door on us, we were determined to push the cart to a semi-nearby parking lot. With Jessica in her work clothes and all of us in flip-flops we pushed the little green cart to the top of a most glorious hill and jump on. We went sailing down the hill and taking the turns like we were Danica Patrick. As we began to slow down due to the laws of physics I jokingly hollered “You guys should start running and pushing. We can’t lose our momentum!” Then, before I could finish my uproarious laugh, my sweet mother and sister jumped off the back of the cart. In my disbelief I continued laughing until I realized that although my mother had jumped off, she had not let go and I was dragging her down the tranquil paths of Peachtree City. Luckily she was unhurt and we pushed on through 3-ponds, past the man walking his dog, the family enjoying their picnic, the young men on a passing golf cart and into the parking lot.

Amazing how quickly my hope for the good of man can get shot down. Although I was raised to assist those who appear to be struggling, no one else seemed to have been.

Day 19 and 20 – Flying to the States


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Sunday and Monday July 19th and 20th, 2009

Andrew’s flight left at 7:00 this morning. My flight doesn’t leave until 10:30pm. With three hours of sleep for Friday night and Four and a half from last I’m exhausted! It’s amazing how comfortable a backpack can be at 6:00 am.

Remember my clothing plan? The one where I left three weeks of clothing back in the states? Another great idea…let me explain. If I have three weeks of clothing in the states, when I travel I won’t have to pack more than the essentials. How awesome would it be to not have to deal with bags of luggage when going through customs?! My plan for this trip was to bring two big empty suitcases that I can fill with wedding presents and belongings that haven’t been shipped to Kuwait yet. I’m going to pack them and stow them for free on my trip back to Kuwait. I took it a little too extreme though as I tend to do with most things. So there I sat, FREEZING in the Dubai airport with only what I wore on the flight to Dubai, a swimsuit and shorts in the massive bags. I dug out the mesh blouse, the one I wore because it was cool yet covering for Kuwait, and wrapped it around my body in attempts to rid the goose bumps.

After two naps, a bottle of chocolate milk, a container of After Eight mints and a couple hundred pages of Mercy by Jodi Picoult I had had enough of the airport! At 2:00pm a young woman came over to me. I had noticed her several times before during my moments of boredom where I sat like a creep and watched the Dubai airport people. This was the woman who sat behind a desk and offered those in need of a Ziploc bag a Ziploc bag – no one was in need of one. She came over and sat down with “I noticed you were here when I arrived at work this morning at 6:00 and you haven’t moved. Do you have a plan? I want to make sure you have a flight.” Me being the paranoid me that I am initially decided that I had been reported as a suspicious person and was being looked into. However, I’m pretty sure she was a friendly woman on her break that came over to visit the stranded woman wrapped in clothing with more bags than necessary. After our conversation, just to be on the safe side, I decided it was a good idea to go upstairs to prevent any possible trouble.

At 9:30pm I found that I had made my flight, I had spent my last 125 dirham and was seated on the plane bound for Atlanta. 15 and ½ hours later I was collecting my luggage in Atlanta. There was a group of about 10 traveling stand-by and because of that we bonded. Within that my Jodi Picoult book connected me with a woman and the topic of said book, breast cancer, connected us with a man whose mother had suffered from breast cancer. It’s amazing to me how random things can bring people together. If everyone talked a little more we’d find out that we all have something in common. Well looky there! Who would have thought an airplane ride could give me new insight and hope for the good of man?!

Day 19 – Dubai


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Saturday July 19th, 2009

After hearing about Dubai from Gossip Girl, I got into my mind a very Westernized society. Dubai however a bit more westernized than Kuwait, it is not enough to remind me of home. People drive faster than necessary, it’s hot and on top of the heat it’s humid. The terrain exhibits more greenery and the city targets tourists, which differs from Kuwait. Everyone is very friendly and accommodating. I’m not sure I’d make a trip here from the states unless I stayed at a very nice hotel on the beach and even then I think I’d prefer to spend my money on a different coast but since living in Kuwait I can see myself traveling here for a getaway every once in a while. Like I said, it’s not what I had imagined but then again neither was Kuwait.

Andrew and I spent the day at Aquaventure on the Palms. What an interesting concept building land to industrialize for tourists. The buildings on the Palms were gorgeous and, as per our taxi driver, very expensive. The park is part of the hotel Atlantis and what a hotel it is! There are murals on the ceilings and mosaic light fixtures and sculptures and a Cold Stone Creamery! I’m sold! Unlike Kuwait where 1 Kuwaiti Dinar equals $3.45, $0.27 equals 1 Dubai Dirham. Besides flipping the raft and smacking our heads on the side of a tunnel, the place was amazing. There was a ride that carried us to the top of the actual rides! How awesome and pathetically lazy is that! Speaking of lazy, there’s a lazy river that kicks all others out of the water! It was calm in certain areas with rapids and waterfalls in others. To top it all off a huge wave maker that sent you sailing away atop a clear inner tube.  “The Leap of Faith” drops the rider straight down and under an aquarium full of sharks, sting rays and fishes. The downfall of it is the speed in which you are traveling disables your ability to enjoy the view. Another ride, “Shark Attack”, travels much slower and gives you about a minute inside of the tank. A very cool experience indeed! After bonking our noggins we snacked on ¼ of a watermelon and coconut milk! Coconut milk on the Palms in Dubai! I had never had coconut milk before and probably won’t again but it was neat for the one go ’round. We left exhausted but smiling. What a fun day.

Day 13-17 – Moving In


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The week of July 13th, 2009

Before the wedding I packed up all of the clothes I would be taking to Kuwait (with the exception of those needed for wedding events) and shipped them to Kuwait. I left roughly three weeks worth of clothes at my parent’s home for when I visit. The good thing about that was it was done. I managed to not run out of clothes while I remained in the States for five more weeks however, I ran into a predicament when arriving to Kuwait. Because we were not in our place, I thought keeping my clothing boxed was a good idea. Perhaps it would have been if I would have packed clothes in my suitcase to wear during this period. I had not. After unpacking my two suitcases, I realized I had neglected to pack anything to wear minus a pair of jeans, two skirts, two Woot shirts, the dress I wore on the airplane and PJs. Therefore I mixed and matched the same articles of clothing for three weeks. Thankfully I had already wooed the heart of my Andrew or I would have been up a creek. Perhaps leaving my clothing in boxes was a bad idea after all but it made moving so much easier.

Every day we filled the car full of boxes, packed suitcases and our belongings. One trip from the old apartment to the Villa a night and we were moved in.

Day 13 – Fast food


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Monday July 13, 2009

I am in the thought process of a restaurant being at its peak in its original location or at least its country of origin. Upon eating at Burger King here in Kuwait, my thinking has changed. I have never had a better burger at a fast-food joint in America. It was bigger, juicier, fresher, everything about it was better than any burger I’d had at a Burger King in the States. I felt as though I had ordered from a sit-down restaurant, as though I should’ve paid more, as if I needed to write down my experience in a blog. Forget taking people out for Shwarmas and Hummus! I’m taking them to Burger King when they come to visit for the cleaner, nicer, better Kuwaiti version! 

Day 11 – Apartment Cleaning


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Saturday July 11th, 2009   Day 11 – Apartment Cleaning

Kuwait housing has an amazing feature. One that on first glance or thought may seem a bit strange but when used unexplainable as to why every home doesn’t contain them. Drains. Drains in the middle of the floors. Drains in the bathrooms. Drains in the kitchen. Here drains, there drains, everywhere drains! With mop and squeegee in hands, Andrew and I look at the kitchen that seems larger now that we are cleaning it. Not only are the floors tile but the walls are logically tile as well. And tada! A drain in the middle of the floor! With Clorox and determination we attacked the kitchen. Does it matter if there are puddles on the floor? No! Push the water to the drain. Does it matter that the cleaner is dripping to the ground? No! Dump some water on it and push it to the drain. Look at that dirty outlet. Should that stop you? Well, yes it should. The drain can’t help you with that situation.

With the kitchen filled with an asphyxiating clean the bathrooms were next to benefit from dun dun da DA…Andrew and Juliane’s Ultimate Cleaning Crew. Ironically the bathrooms were easier. “Why?” you may ask. Because bathrooms contain something kitchens do not, a showerhead. With tile, drain and showerhead cleaning the bathroom suddenly became a whole different chore. We literally hosed the tile walls and floor down, scrubbed them up and hosed them down again. And to think, we didn’t accept those sweet little drains at first glance.

Day 6 – The attack


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Monday July 6th, 2009

A day I’ll never forget. Today is the day I was so wrongly violated by something I could have squashed between my fingers. In Kuwait at noon there is nothing on T.V. my beloved Disney Channel plays preschool shows (I previously had written children shows but realized that the Disney Channel only plays children shows) and everything prior to that channel is in Arabic. I excitedly stop changing channels when I see a familiar face. One I adored as a child on summer days, Arnold. Although Hey Arnold is an American show, it is rerecorded in Arabic so his football shaped head can be enjoyed in the Middle East. So again today I switched the channel to Discovery and watch Over-Haulin’.

I drift into a cozy couch nap and awake a short while later. My hair is tousled and loosely tied in a knot. After making the rounds through the house to find sound kitties and a bottle of water, something tickles my ear. But this little critter wasn’t out for giggles! He began his own wild adventure as he burrowed into my ear. The moves I then began to make would have earned me a winning score on So You Think You Can Dance but were doing little against the versatility of this little pest. No matter how far or how fast my head went from upright to barely grazing the floor, he continued to crawl deeper into my ear. After God calmly informed Andrew of my need of a phone call, I crazily explained what had happened moments ago and gained some grinning advice. The bug had stopped moving but I wasn’t satisfied until I attempted to drown him in baby oil and warm water. Whether my John Travolta style moves or the attempted suffocation of the creepy crawler removed the critter from my ear, we will never know. But as I sit here today, I fear my ear will never feel the same.

Day 5 – Apartment Hunting


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Sunday July 5th, 2009       Day 5 – Apartment Hunting

It’s amazing when looking for an apartment in Kuwait how many people moved out just yesterday. I’m not exactly sure what would cause such a mad dash of renters to evacuate on the same day but no matter what building we looked in there seemed to be vacant apartments with renters who all moved out yesterday. Lucky for us I guess.

After two days of serious apartment searching and not feeling we found anything right for us we again prayed for God to provide us with something that would meet our needs. Within minutes we saw a sign and contacted the real-estate agent that showed us a spacious two bedroom apartment on the top floor of a villa. The bathrooms and kitchen although not exactly what we want, are much bigger and newer than any of the other dozen of bathrooms and kitchens we viewed. The villa comes with roof access that six months out of the year will be lovely to sit and look at the view of the city. Andrew and I talked and prayed about the place and decided it is worth a try. We will be hopefully moving in before I travel back to the states near the end of the month.

Day One – Lunch


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Thursday July 1st, 2009

With Andrew at work and my tummy rumbling I venture to the kitchen. Upon first glance it is an ordinary kitchen one equipped with a fridge, stove and microwave, all the proper equipment to provide for a satisfying lunch. The lunch in my mind, an omelet made with green peppers and onions. YUM! After cutting up the veggies for my delectable lunch for one I turn to the stove. It is an older looking stove but I didn’t slight it for its age however, after several failed attempts to ignite the flame I began to think bad thoughts about said appliance.

With greater acknowledgement I begin to observe the area around the stove. There are seven switches lining the wall above the stove: two that control the fan and lights in the kitchen, one labeled “oven”, one labeled “dishwasher” (ironic in that I am the dishwasher), and three unlabeled. Withholding the first two aforementioned, none of them seem to provide power to anything. With a sense of failure and disgust I give up on the stove and put all the omelet makings back into the fridge. Then I search through the freezer for a microwavable dinner. But alas, the microwave has caught whatever sickness the stove is suffering from and I am left with a melting Lean Cuisine. 30 very frustrating minutes later I plant myself in front of Over-Haulin’ and eat the better portion of a bag of Tostitos and a jar of salsa. Today in the battle of me against the appliances I’m down two to nothing.