Day 122 – The Mark of the Lion


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Friday October 30th, 2009

Sigh, what a good series! I fell in love with Francine Rivers when I read Redeeming Love a few years ago. I read it within a weekend for lack of putting it down. The first book in The Mark of the Lion series, A Voice in the Wind, took me a bit to get back into Rivers writing style. Once there, I was carried back in time experiencing the destruction of Jerusalem and walking down the streets of Ancient Rome. I was so enthralled by the characters; I hated to see the book and then the books end. But, as Yoda would say, inspired was I! Rivers talks of wanting her readers to get inspired by her books to pick up the Bible and that’s what I did. Hooray to Rivers for a job well done! Thanks Mom!

Day 119 – Mom’s coming home


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Tuesday October 27th, 2009

Do you remember when you were a kid and your mom went out. She could just be going to the grocery store but she’s left at least one thing for you to do before she gets back. Then when you are older and she’s gone out of town for a few days. You’ve had the house to the disposal of the children. All of whom are adults but still act as children because they inhabit their parents’ home, not their own. Do you remember when it was that one thing you had to do before she got home from the grocery store was done? Yes. It was done after you had seen her pull into the driveway from the window and your tail moved quicker than was humanly possible to either unload the dishwasher or take your laundry upstairs. Of course, you couldn’t be rushing when she walked in the door. You would emerge from a lounging position or even be doing a different task just to prove you were “the good child” then opt to help carry in the groceries. Oh and she never had a clue. (Yeah right!) And when she was out of town, when was it you cleaned up the mess you made of the house? That’s right, when you’ve had the phone call either from the plane or the hotel saying she’s leaving now and will be home by such and such time. Oh how the brooms flew and the stacks of plates on the coffee table with the dried spaghetti were scraped and cleaned. Then not only was your mess cleaned up when she got home, you’d had no time to make another mess and the house had a good clean aroma.

Well, I never knew but apparently the same thing happens when your husband goes out of town.

Day 118 – Knyckles and Dhymes Part II


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Monday October 26th, 2009

After that vet experience, I try as hard as I can to find someone to come by the house to take care of them. When Andrew and I decided to live in Kuwait after we were married, I was a little nervous to say the least. The cats had never been on a plane and I had no idea how they would manage. One vet told me asking 8 year old cats that have never done this was basically asking them to die while traveling, but you already know that part of the story. I want to tell you about the strange transformation in Knyckles specifically since we’ve been in Kuwait.

As I have mentioned before, she’s always been temperamental. My brother told me that I was like the girl from that cartoon where she smothered all the animals with love? I remember it but can’t remember what it is called for the life of me, and at the moment the internet has failed me! BLAST! In short, Knyckles and Dhymes were never short on their amount of love from me. They never jumped up into laps or meowed for attention because they got more than they ever needed, until we moved to Kuwait. I don’t know if it’s because there aren’t as many people in the house or I’m home more now but Knyckles and Dhymes are like magnets. They don’t follow directly behind but always manage to end up in the room I’m in before too long. If I’m lying on the couch one of them has jumped onto my lap while the other takes place next to my legs. I love it! They continually want affection! I guess the extremely long flight taught them to enjoy their time outside their carrier! Who knew! My kitties are counting their blessing and not taking anything for granted! And to think, I thought I’d have two cats anxiously strung out, never to be the same again.

(Just to prove my point, Dhymes just jumped onto the computer desk to sit in front of the screen and stare at me and is now lounging on my lap-Sweet lovable kitties!)

Day 113 – The Beach House


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Wednesday October 21st, 2009

The Beach House is a novel by Mary Alice Monroe. It was given to me by my good friend, Laura. I picked it up a few days ago and had trouble sitting it down until I reluctantly finished it in the wee hours of the night. The book takes place on the Isle of Palms during the loggerhead turtle season. My reading it was taking place at 5:00 in the morning. There I was, wide awake with anticipation for the outcome of these characters! Cuddled between my four pillows with my reading light on in our apartment in Kuwait, I became completely absorbed with the narrative. I was no longer sitting in my bed but in the bed of the main characters as they were about to face a hurricane! My leaky toilet turned into rain beating against the walls and the air-conditioning 90 mph winds! There I sat in the middle of the dessert and I was fearful of the oncoming hurricane! What a great book. Needless to say, I’ve found another favorite author!

Day 112 – Knyckles and Dhymes


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IMG_3893 - Copy [800x600]

Tuesday October 20th, 2009

As Lindsay Lohan said in The Parent Trap “Relax…sail through time…back to yesteryear…”, because that is where this tale begins…

I acquired my cats, Knyckles and Dhymes, through many pleading prayers, a whole lot of luck and an angel by the name of Jan. They were adorable kittens and grew into beautiful cats. Knyckles, my female, was always a bit temperamental and by a bit I mean full blown crazy with an occasional trip to the land of evil. Dhymes, on the other hand, was a sweet fellow always ready to be cuddled by his mama. The three of us had an understanding, and it worked pretty well for the most part. I would love on them and they would tolerate it; that was their duty. However, in this contract there was no mention of how they would treat other people and that’s where this story continues…

We never had too many house guests so Knyckles and Dhymes weren’t exposed to outsiders outside of a few random friends and the trips to the vet. At the vets office is where my wonderful kitties would turn the tables and make those people work and bleed for their money. Neither would like the vet trip, but Knyckles maintained her dignity while Dhymes stepped a paw onto the crazy side of life.

For several different reasons, we were trying a new vet’s office. I needed the cats to be boarded for one night and would pick them up the following day after school. I arrived to pick them up and everyone seemed relieved while worried to see me. I had several people say how thankful they were that I was there and then a face from my past came from the back door. I gasped and hugged and she informed me of the situation. In short, she writhed her hands and said, “he came at me with claws drawn.” I of course denied all accusations and said “surely you mean Knyckles, not my sweet Dhymes.” “No” she said. Another woman came from the back and quietly whispered to her superior, “I can’t get him out of the cage.” “Cute” I thought. After the third person tried to get Dhymes from the cage, they asked me to go to the back and retrieve him myself. As I played it cool I thought “I’m scared of them myself. They are animals! I’m not a vet. Stay calm. Animals can sense fear. But who am I kidding? This is nuts! How am I supposed to get him? Okay, just see what you can do.” And then I saw him, my darling, pushed as far back against the back wall as he could get. He saw me and I saw a glimpse of relief in his sweet eyes. I got down on all fours and talked to him for several minutes until he relaxed and I reached in and pulled him out. Oh the horse I sat on then was high! I zipped his container and went after Knyckles since “we haven’t had any trouble with her at all.” Two minutes later, that high-horse was long gone and my hands were dripping with blood. The vet washed them for me; People can be so nice when the fear of a lawsuit looms in the air. Needless to say, we weren’t very welcome there any longer.

And another time and a different place. The cats were to stay there for four days while the family went to San Antonio. I dropped them off the night before, incase there was a situation. I called the morning of just to make sure. “Oh they’ll be fine.”, they said. “Oh we can handle it.”, they said. But as I exited the plane in San Antonio, I checked my voicemail. “Miss Rossomme, we’ve had a situation. Please call us back as soon as possible.” The cats were put into one crate after their previous experience. The vet and I agreed they would comfort each other. “Ma’am, what happened was, we went to feed them. They had to have been planning it throughout the night because as soon as I opened the cage one went one way and the other came at me.” She was clearly upset and concerned – probably for her own safety.  “We had to get the restraining bag to get them back into the cage.” Never again I said and I said it again when they got deathly ill after leaving the place.

To be continued…

Day 110 – Getting into the Halloween spirit!


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Sunday October 18th, 2009

My family has always been one to enjoy the Halloween season! We used to throw parties with eyeball deviled eggs and graveyard cakes. Everyone would help in decorating the yard with cob webs, graves and rats! We even had a giant dummy that we’d drop from the trees to scare the trick-or-treaters! My dad would get into the spirit and play along with all the kids that came. Only the best for the trick-or-treaters that came to our house-full size candy bars, not the fun size that were so commonly given out. Who are they kidding? The only way a smaller portion is any fun is if you have a handful of them! Every year we connected eerie music to our sound system and its ominous sound ventured through the windows and into our handmade graveyard. My friends and I went trick-or-treating well into our teens but I always made sure to spend time at my own house. It was always more fun! When we were strong enough to hold the rope for the dummy in the tree, we anxiously hid out in the bushes for the next victims! When they appeared, he’d drop right in their pathway! Oh how some would jump and run while others just stood and screamed. Of course, like any responsible Halloweeners, we didn’t scare the little tikes, just the older goblins who were out for a scare!

This year, since I won’t be celebrating Halloween in the states, things will be a bit different. The weather here is still in the 90’s and there are no decorations for fall, let alone Halloween. To substitute I have been watching every family friendly Halloween movie I can get my hands on! As much as I love Halloween, I hate scary movies. It’s nearing Halloween and I have been watching them like CRAZY! Some like Hocus Pocus, I have seen too many times to count but others like Pufnstuf and The Tower of Terror I have never seen. Oh I love this time of year! And when Halloween is all said and done, Christmas here I come! Now, there is a pumpkin or two around the house but with Christmas comes so much more!


Day 106 – The Food Situation


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Wednesday October 14th, 2009

For some reason, food just isn’t the same this week. I made a casserole that I made a few weeks ago and was great, but this time around tasted like what I imagine gruel to taste like. However, if gruel, unlike its name, is an actually delectable meal, I retract my previous statement. Instead of throwing it away, I have suffered through two awful portions of it. After eating my way through the first, the next night I attempted to veil the horrid porridge in Mrs. Dash’s Table Blend. Not only have I not touched the casserole again, the thought of seasoning makes me a bit queasy.

Other than the horrifying thought of having to eat it all, my only other thought was what if someone comes over to the house, is hungry and decides to help themselves to what’s in the fridge. Oh, how would I explain it? I can cook, I promise! Whatever my sister may say, I can follow a recipe! You see, it’s just that I had to use a packet of soup and not a can. That’s got to be it! Whoever thought a packet of soup could substitute a can was clearly out of their mind! Sit and let it thicken my rear end! There is no way on earth it’s going to get to the consistency I need it to be at even after a year of sitting!

As the casserole takes up space in my little fridge, I look at the apples. Andrew is the apple lover in our little family, I prefer the softer fruits: peaches, plums, bananas. Since he is not here to eat them, I decide to make it so I will enjoy eating them. Cobbler I say, as I rush to the computer for a recipe. Oh how it failed me so! Although the house smelt amazing, the apples in my apple cobbler disappeared! What?! It’s as if the breading ate it up and with it took all its yummy flavor! I clearly missed my guess of the correct temperature. I must have needed the knob to be a bit closer to the small flame and further from the large one. Whoever thought two flames were guide enough on an oven was out of their mind and the people who buy that oven well…well they were just being frugal. 😀

Sadly I didn’t even put the cobbler into the fridge. I hope the trashcan is hungry because it’s got dinner and dessert in its near future! Here’s to tomorrow’s meal!

Day 103 – Footsteps on the Roof


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Sunday October 11th, 2009

In America, when lying in bed with footsteps overhead, the likelihood of them belonging to anything other than a raccoon or squirrel are slim. Last night as I lay in bed, listening to the footsteps overhead, the likelihood of them belonging to anything like a raccoon or squirrel are slim.

Scenes of Aladdin running across the rooftops and away from the law run through my head. While humming “Riffraff! Street rat! Scoundrel! Take that!” I wonder if the footsteps belong to young Aladdin or perhaps someone of a much darker character. What if the tap tap tapping belongs to Sweeney Todd? Is someone going to come flying through the roof on their way down? As the soundtrack I’m making changes to “Who Are You” and my heart starts dancing in my chest, I try and calm myself. I close my eyes and cling to a pillow.

I wonder what I would do if someone, or as my mind gets away from me something, breaks into the apartment. (Watching Ghostbusters was clearly a mistake.) Would I have the chance to call someone? If I did, would it be the police or should it be a friend that lives nearby? Where in the world is the police station? Can they be trusted? Would they hurry? Would they speak English? I really need to start learning more Arabic. More, who am I kidding? I need to start learning Arabic period! Spanish seems so easy now, 20/20 I guess.

I pull Dymes under the covers with me. I cuddle in between the four pillows and feel a bit more protected. It’s amazing what some feathers and a blanket can do for security. 23 and I’m still in need of a security blanket, cute. I listen to the purr of my kitty and imagine Aladdin chillin’ up there with Abu while humming “Part of Your World” as I drift off to sleep and into nightmares. Darn those footsteps on the roof.