Day 210 – A New Friend


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Tuesday January 26th, 2010

It was our last night in Vegas and Andrew and I were trying to find something fun to do. We had gone to the theatre the night before and saw a horror film that left me analyzing deep into the night. The plot went like this:

Every one of the characters knew the main character and somehow she knew them. They were either related or from a story she had heard as a child. After a sickness took over, their desire was to infect her as well. In order to do so, she had to believe in what they were saying and then eat just a bite of the food they were serving. The creatures started out looking exactly as they should. There were no differences from before they got the disease but when they got hyper or upset, their form transfigured into that of a round red transparent being that continually closed in on her. When their appearance changed others emerged and the woman realized that there were more than she had previously thought. The film was hours of her running and beginning the trial with other people, never knowing who was corrupted or not. I, then of course, was on edge and mixing fiction with reality for the next day. That entire night I lay in bed staring at the back of Andrew’s head waiting for him to turn buoyant and red then offering me a hamburger!

We had made it through the day without being confronted by any immortal creatures and were on a bus headed to dinner with a dozen eggs. It was a full bus and I got bumped into causing the eggs to smash and run down my arms. At our stop, I found the nearest restroom. While cleaning the eggs off my arms, a young woman walked out of a stall. She was very sweet and chatted while she washed her hands and I washed my entire arms and spot cleaned my shirt.

She stayed and talked with me until I finished. We discussed the horrible film and laughed at my copious notes on the main character and her behavior towards the sick she interacted with. We discussed our tackling of Vegas on our current trip and our brief histories. Come to find out, she was studying a St. Mary’s dance school nearby and on rare occasion some of the students take a short leave and go out on the town. I was fascinated with her! She had a completely different life than I did yet we had oodles to discuss. Knowing we’d probably never talk again but having exchanged contact information, we exited the restroom and I awoke from my dream.

LAME! Not only do I not have a new friend, I had to watch a horror film against my will! Sigh, to sleep without dreaming, what a beautiful concept!

Day 208 – My Neighbors


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January 24th, 2010

Some would argue that Andrew would be the person to suffer most with my music selection. He and I are happy to tell you that he is not. For my sweet Andrew get a reprieve from it for 11 hours a day. During those hours he doesn’t have to hear one show tune or one glorious rendition of “Invisible” by one adoring Clay Mate. However, whether I’m in the shower, the kitchen, or on the computer, my neighbors have a first row suite to my show! What a treat!

Yes, they may get irritated at my struggle to become Clay’s permanent duet partner, but I’m sure the time will come when they change their minds. They will look back on their year across from me as one of the biggest blessings of their life. They will sit down with their Lebanese grandbabies and hum a tune they don’t quiet recognize. The words defy and gravity will pop into their heads, and they’ll think back to their time in the Mangaf apartment. Never knowing why exactly they are thinking of it. Irritating now, lullaby later! 😉

Day 206 – Oh but NO!


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January 22th, 2010

It is official, I hate the fish tank! After spending the afternoon on the computer in the study, I walk into the living room to see something peculiar at the bottom of the tank. “What is that? It looks like a piece of shrimp”, I think. Oh but NO! When I glance at it from another angle I see that it’s the head of one of my goldfish! The HEAD OF ONE OF MY GOLDFISH! What the heck has gone wrong? Where in the fish tank is the rest of him! Why did Andrew buy this awful, disturbing, horrific thing?! As I try to swallow the lunch that hasn’t made it out of my stomach and decided to have a second showing, I notice all the other fish (excluding the now two goldfish. I’m sure they were in mourning.) eating little bits of “shrimp” substances! Oh no, I’ve got to look away, here it comes; I can’t handle this!

Now all that’s left to do is the only thing I can think of – yell at Andrew! As his cell rings and rings and rings, I fume and fume and fume! What sick fish did this? My bet’s on the angel fish that’s been nipping at them. Angel my foot! I knew this would happen. (Okay, I didn’t know this would happen but I knew something was bound to happen!) 7 different types of fish aren’t meant to coincide like that! Have you seen Blue Planet?! Somebody’s always eating somebody else! As Qui-Gon Jin so eloquently said, “There’s always a bigger fish.” and there’s no need for me to witness it firsthand! Since I cannot sink to their level and start killing them off, I decided to write it all out so I’d know EXACTLY what to say to that husband o’ mine! But most likely by the time he’s home, my anger will have ceased and I’ll be boohooing.

Day 191 – Verbal Diarrhea


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Thursday January 7th, 2010

You may be thinking “Juliane, talk much? Why I just can’t believe that rubbish!” Although I do attempt to control the words that escape my lips by eliminating many and editing some, there are times when I just say too much. Thus was the case of my ENTIRE trip to the States. Nothing was off limits, no one was safe. If you looked at me, I’d tell you a story! If you spoke to me, I’d share my whole life! No one in the South East was safe from the verbal diarrhea that I was spewing.

One theory that I hold tight to is the fact that I live in an apartment with my husband who is gone the majority of the day. I have several hours before we retire where I try to squeeze in my “normal” talking time but rarely succeed. Therefore, upon my return to Georgia I had back issues that were ready to be shared – and by George – many willing listeners. The rest is history; 5 months of talk freed in 4 weeks, of course my mouth never stopped moving!

While that theory did bring about peace for brief time periods, most nights I spent replaying my lines again and again wondering what would cause me to say certain things. How could I have inserted my foot so far into my mouth that I was left sucking my knee?

One night after spilling my guts to some dear friends, I arrived home to plop onto my parents’ bed. I explained to them how night after night I replay my tragic monologues only to repeat them again the next day. Mother sympathized with me saying “I too have done that. It’s as if you’ve given too much of yourself away.” “Exactly!” I exclaimed and then continued talking the rest of my trip.

In turn, I would like to thank the many, many, many, many, many, many people that endured my tales and woes while I was visiting over Christmas. I would like to say that upon my next visit that I will be tightlipped but as you know – probably better than I – I will be biting at the bit to talk some more.

Day 182 – Marco Island


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Tuesday December 29th – Sunday January 3rd, 2009/2010

Marco Island is a beautiful place on the Gulf side of Florida, designed to resemble Hawaii. My parents having lived in Hawaii and LOVED it – I mean who doesn’t – loved Marco as well. For two days the weather was warm enough to walk and layout on the beach, which we did the entire two days. On New Year’s we went to a little restaurant down the beach and rang in the new year with fruity drinks and a live band.

While there we went to the theatre to see The Blind Side. The theatre was relatively small with 5 shows playing, but was a dinner theatre with tables and chairs instead of regular seating. It was fantastic, something we’d never been to before. So doing what any first timer would do, we order lots of food! We had mini corn dogs, my favorite, chicken tenders, potato skins, cheese sticks, and probably other things we mindlessly ate while staring at the screen. IT WAS FANTASTIC! Of course it’s now a tradition we will keep for every trip. Who doesn’t want served greasy food while watching a show? It’s like being a kid again! And I will relive my childhood any chance I get!

When we weren’t lying in the sand or watching movies we were selling out gas stations of their Mallow Cups! These helped spark our spirit for our 9+ hour car ride home! And spark our spirit it did as we sang along with the Glee soundtrack and played Uno in the backseat of my parents’ car. Who knew Mom wanted to learn the words to “Bust a Move”? What’d we tell her? You want it? You got it?

Later, when the giggling and conversation didn’t stop, we were forced to play the Quiet Game. Mom apparently is still the mom.

Day 179 – St. Petersburg, Florida


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Saturday December 26th- -29th, 2009

After Christmas my sister Jessica, her best friend Autumn, and I went on a girl’s trip to Florida. We had a wonderful vacation full of laughter, food, and why not – some hair braiding as well! It was the typical girl’s night rolled into three days.

Although we were at the beach, the weather did not warm up enough to do anything involving it. So after speaking to the overtly rude helpdesk woman, one among many rude Floridians, we ventured out into the chilly weather in search of John’s Pass for some lunch and touristy activity. We used the trolley system for traveling the short distance, which creates one of my favorite memories of the trip.

The trolley stop to John’s Pass was directly across the street from our hotel/condo. Within 5 short minutes we were picked up and on our way. Several hours later, we were ready to head back. After some scrunched faces and a few scratches on our noggins, we sat down at the trolley stop. We assumed that we were sitting on the wrong side of the street but were unable to see any other stops. We figured we’d ask the driver before we boarded. 20 minutes later and now fully sure that we were on the wrong side, we make a mad dash through the cars to the opposite side. Seeing a trolley headed toward our temporary home, I holler out “RUN for it – We aren’t going to miss it!” So off we went, the three stooges with bags and purses flailing from our arms, running to beat a moving vehicle. “How far?” was all Jessica wanted to know and due to my mishearing I answered “1/2 a mile!” With Autumn hauling it in the lead and myself following, I hear Jessica mutter with utter defeat “We’re never going to make it.” But as we turned the curve, a mere 100 yards away was the trolley stop! We had nearly made it! As the 10 people waiting for the trolley watched us race towards the stop, I turned to see how we’d fared. My pace slowed and then stopped as I realized our trolley had turned a street back. What a disappointment and embarrassment! All was not lost however. Jessica and I caught up to Autumn and giggled the rest of the way at how foolish we must have looked hauling tush down the side of the highway. There’s no need for anyone else to assume we’re tourists, we’ve clearly labeled ourselves as such.