Day 229 – My New Air Freshener


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Sunday February 14th, 2010

Whoever said that cats are low maintenance was not referring to my hairballs. As sweet and loving as they are, sometimes, low maintenance they are not. Throughout the years I have experimented with different bathing techniques. Some were not as effective as others, often leaving me wetter than they. The safest approach I’ve found is to hold them in my lap with wet washcloths. However, with my amazing brush, The FERMINATOR, came some no rinse shampoo/conditioner spray.

I decided yesterday that it was bath day for the kitties. With both cats sitting on the couch, I start on Dhymes. I have one hand holding his collar as the other hand madly sprays. Knyckles watches with horror ridden eyes at her brother’s torment knowing she’s up next. Dhymes is sprayed and rubbed and towel dried in minutes. Knyckles allows 20 seconds for hers. Success – two cats cleaned and sleeping in my bed as their reward (this reward was self-given).

Last night as Andrew and I lay watching Who’s Line is it Anyway (you know the game where the points don’t matter), a powerful aromatic fragrance overtook the living room. We look down to see sweet Dhymes looking up at us with his nice clean coat. What a great idea; use the cat as an air freshener! He’s bound to be in every room multiple times a day creating a nice fresh smelling house! This is sure to work better than those plug-ins! I should market this! However, I don’t think it’d fly with the animal rights people; we won’t target them.

Day 227 – Caesars & Satchi Restaurants


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Friday February 12th, 2010

Last week, in a serious case of Chinese food cravings, Andrew and I found a restaurant specialized in Indian, Chinese & Continental foods. We were a bit hesitant because of their large menu covering everything from curry to sweet & sour chicken to hamburgers. Is it possible to specialize in the taste of multiple countries? We remembered our awful experience at Winner’s Restaurant, a different restaurant that “specialized” in multiple cultures cuisines, and decided to try Caesar’s in spite of Winner’s.

Unlike Winner’s, Caesar’s had multiple internet rave reviews AND other customers, always a good sign. The atmosphere was nice with an interesting view of Fahaheel from the 5th floor. Andrew and I ordered spring rolls, chicken corn soup, beef with broccoli, sesame chicken, mixed fried rice, and vegetable fried rice. Outside of the delicious spring rolls,  everything was edible and tasted adequate but wasn’t the American Chinese I was craving. During our dinner however, the manager gave us a 5 KD off for a different Caesar’s restaurant, Satchi, the Italian Japanese restaurant.

Tonight Andrew and I tried, as our friend Ryan called it, the Itlaianese restaurant. Satchi is located on the 11th floor Center Point building in Fahaheel. The view is of Al Kout mall and the marina next to it – gorgeous! The menu was massive and took Andrew and me 20 minutes to read and decide what to order. In the end, this is what we came up with: Tempura vegetables, Crunchy Maki (battered and fried), Crispy Maki (fried), Tuna sashimi, and Pasta Verdure (pasta in a green cream sauce with vegetables). All of it was edible but none of it caused us to scream for more. We prefer the Japanese at Sakura and the Italian at Macaroni Grill – thank you.

I may be tempted to visit Satchi once more just to taste more of their selection. The view and restaurant were beautiful and the staff very attentive. Their music selection and style made it a nice semi-romantic place to eat. The other Fahaheel Caesar’s restaurant will not be in our future dining plans, so sorry.

Day 222 – The Kuwait Zoo


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Sunday February 7th, 2010

The only time I ever see the Zoo is when I travel to the airport. It is situated near the airport just off the highway. Every time I see it, I say “We should go to the Zoo sometime.” This Monday we finally made time to do just that. With the high being 26 Celsius (79 Fahrenheit), it was a beautiful winter day!

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect. Would it be sad and make me start donating to PETA or would it become a favorite place to go? I was excited and afraid at the same time. After witnessing it for myself, I’m happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Although most of the habitats created for the animals are more confined and barren than other zoos, some of them have trees and grass and all of them have areas for the animals to retreat to.

As with most zoos, the monkey exhibits were the most popular. The saddest sight of the day gets attributed to the baboons. These monkeys were loud and numerous! I was drawn to the infant baboons clinging to the mothers; It’s such an adorable sight. Most of them clung onto their backs but a few were holding onto their bellies just inches from the ground. One mother, however, was clinging to her dead infant. It couldn’t have been dead for very long and she was not willing to let it go. She carried it with her wherever she went and cleaned it when they got there. It was a sad part of nature to witness and I, of course, couldn’t peel my eyes away from it.

On a more positive note, there was a train that carted people around the park, similar to the train that carries people from the 6 Flags parking lot to the gate; It was more of a trolley than a train. While Andrew and I were standing at the deer and caribou exhibit, the train chugged by filled with children hollering “Bambi, Bambi!” These kids were so excited that they were hanging out of the vehicle, straining to get the best sight of Disney’s poor Bambi. Of course the love of Disney is transnational, did anyone ever think otherwise?

On the whole, we had a glorious day! We were on our feet for four hours and only left because of our starvation. The zoo provided a wonderful change of scenery and pace. Andrew and I were able to chill out and experience something else Kuwait has to offer.

Day 221 – Korean Dinner


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Saturday February 6th, 2010

Last night Andrew and I had the privilege of eating authentic homemade Korean cuisine – thank you Esther! While I credit myself with the ability to utilize chopsticks, I’d never used metal ones before! “Of course we can use them!” we said. Although we managed to use them throughout the meal, there was some laughter and frustrations involved. All in all, I think we did a fantastic job!

Because of my chocking reaction to spicy foods, Esther was sweet enough to keep everything mild. We ate almost everything on the table over the period of an hour and loved every bite! The menu was as follows: Gujeolpan (, Bulgogi ( served on rice in a leaf of lettuce, Korean pizza, and Korean meatballs; all of which was beautifully presented and delicious.

I give my first experience with Korean food two thumbs up! Now I just need to learn how to make it!

Day 220 – Cat Around Villa


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Friday February 5th, 2010

To say that Knyckles is a spoiled rotten cat would simply be a lie. Of course she has her time of relaxation, who doesn’t?

IMG_5605 [800x600]

However, throughout her day she has several strenuous activities. She sets apart time for her favorite hobby: fishing. Like many fisherman, she rarely catches a thing.

IMG_7642 [800x600]

She then breaks to enjoy some television. Just as her mommy fell in love with Cory Matthews, so did she.
IMG_7673 [800x600]

One would think that fishing was enough exercise for one day, but Knyckles is adamant about her time on the Wii Fit.

IMG_7549 - Copy [800x600]

“Where is Dhymes?” you might ask. Well, while Knyckles has her active schedule, Dhymes is missing in action.

IMG_7525 [800x600]

Day 218 – Mr. Knightley


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Wednesday February 3rd, 2010     IMG_7564 - Copy [800x600]

Saturday January 24th was a sad day in Kuwait. The Haley household lost a beloved member of their young family. Their turtle, Mr. Knightley, died of a respiratory infection between 8:00 and 9:00 pm while his owners played Clue.

Mr. Knightley was previously a part of an English family residing in Kuwait. He was readily welcomed into the Haley home and became an enjoyable pet. His time was spent swimming and sunbathing in the living room aquarium. During his short time with the Haleys, he was featured in two blog post: Day 55 – The Aquarium and Day 80 – Completely amazing things from September!

Mr. Knightley is survived by 17 different types of fish and 1 turtle, Mr. Darcy. Shortly after Mr. Knightley’s death, one of his fish mates was attacked and killed. It truly was a sad week for marine life.

A short family service was held at the shore of the Persian Gulf where Mr. Knightley’s remains were released into the sea. He will be remembered through his photographs and memories.