Day 274 – Mr. Darcy


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Wednesday March 31st, 2010

Since Mr. Darcy is our only turtle left, I feel that he should be represented on this here blog. If he eating Norm spawned from a place of jealous rage, I’m rewarding bad behavior and am encouraging him to eat the rest of the tank. I am hoping, however, that by featuring him on my blog I will start to rekindle a bit of love for the cannibalistic little guy. Here’s to hoping…

Day 272 – Liberation Towers


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Monday March 29th, 2010

While in Kuwait City, I got a bit obsessed with the Liberation Tower. Sadly we did not tour it, but hopefully we will get to and I’ll have photos of the inside as well as the outside. But for now, here’re some photos of the outside.

Day 270 – Bathing Suit Advertisements


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Saturday March 27th, 2010

Because Kuwaitis are mostly Muslim, it is rare to see men or women in shorts and sleeveless shirts let alone bathing suits. I have only seen one woman in a tank top in my 8 months here – and yes, it does get pretty hot. Andrew and I found these advertisements a bit entertaining while shopping at the Sultan Center. Some of them are done so well, it looks like they were designed this way, others, not so much.

Day 269 – Mosaic


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Friday March 26th, 2010

I notice this mosaic every time we eat at Schlotzsky’s, but this time I snapped a picture of it. I would love to have a small one to hang in my house. It’s so bright and beautiful and a great depiction of Kuwait.

Day 268 – Old Souk (Al Mubarakiya)


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Thursday March 25th, 2010

The Old Souk has a fabulous nook to eat at inside. I’ve never eaten at the food court outside, but it looks to be delicious as well. Inside however, you can watch them cook your bread in brick ovens and it is amazingly delectable. They serve generic Arabic food. We always get some hummus and kabobs and it’s always wonderful.

The Old Souk has a little of everything: shoes, clothing, fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, spices, toys, perfume, jewelry, everything. Andrew and I went early in the afternoon while most of the shops were closed and those that were open had napping attendants. The evening is the best time to visit.

The photo of the wire piece is an art piece crafted to resemble a firework. There are several places around Kuwait that have them and they are some of my favorite things to see at night when they are lit up and colorful.

Day 267 – Call me a killer cause that’s what I’m gonna be!


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Wednesday March 24th, 2010

“How’s Norm?” Dave asks at dinner tonight. “Adorable” I respond. Just thinking of the little bugger gives me a grin. He’s learned to trust his human mommy and eat from my fingers. What a good choice we made out of all the baby turtles to pick from. Joy has returned to our fish tank.

But alas, as I walk in the door Mr. Darcy stares at me from the bottom of the tank. He had that kid caught in the middle of doing something naughty look. “ANDREW!” I scream as I smack the tank. “He’s eating Norm! He’s eating Norm!” I continue to scream. As I am filled with anger and aguish I pace the floor reminding Andrew of all the awful things Mr. Darcy has done in his lifetime. He truly is a horrid turtle. Perhaps he knows that I despise him and is acting out; perhaps if he too had a blog post about him he would not have eaten sweet Norm; perhaps is Norm had been sour instead of sweet he’d still be alive.

After it is all over and Andrew has taken care of Norm, I say “It’s like Dave knew. He’s asking how Norm is at dinner while Mr. Darcy is making dinner out of Norm.” I am not destined to love the fish tank. I don’t think I can bring myself to adopt another turtle when Norm had such an awful fate.

Go Norm! Go and join Mr. Knightley in turtle heaven where you’ll never see Mr. Darcy again. I hate the fish tank.

Day 267 – Souq Sharq Mall


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Wednesday March 24th, 2010

Sharq Mall is located in Kuwait City and absolutely gorgeous! It sits right next to the Persian Gulf and has a pier extending from the rear entrance out into the water. The weather was a bit warm, but perfect with the wind on the pier.

Also near the rear entrance is a tiny McDonald’s stand. I remember seeing something similar to these at the ’96 Olympics in Atlanta.

We did not have lunch at the adorable McDonald’s, but at La Cava in the food court. If a halloumi cheese sandwich is on the menu, I’m probably ordering it.  It’s something I’ve fallen in love with here and want to eat as many as possible while I’m living in Kuwait. La Cava’s was the best I’ve ever had.

Carrot juice was my choice of beverage and it was delicious! When I was a kid, one of my friend’s grandmother, Omi, used to make me carrot juice every time I came over to play. I loved it then and I love it now. It’s wonderful how restaurants in Kuwait have such a wide assortment of juices on their menus – yum.

The Sharq Mall is home to an impressive hydraulic clock. Can you tell what time it is? I’ve never seen anything like it and had to stop and stare for a few minutes.

Day 263 – A Stroll Around the Grand Mosque


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Saturday March 20th, 2010

My friend, Shayne, and I arrived early for our tour of the Grand Mosque last week and took a stroll around the premises. Very near we found a coffee shop that had a Chai Chiller that was simply amazing:

They had adorable seating outside with beautiful fake grass, which can be found at several places in Kuwait.

Across the street from both the Second Cup and the Grand Mosque was some live foliage, although I don’t think they grow this way naturally.

In the middle was a beautiful fountain that was sadly holding trash instead of water. It was beautiful nevertheless.

Day 259 – Butterflies


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Tuesday March 16th, 2010

Along with March in Kuwait come oodles of butterflies to my wondrous surprise. With every trip outside I’m surrounded by dozens of the beautiful creatures. It is a reminder of home and insects and bushes, and I welcome it wholly. I am so thankful for all the miracles I’m engulfed by daily. A very hot spring has sprung everyone.

Day 257 – The Scientific Center


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Sunday March 14th, 2010

A few weeks ago, Andrew and I made a pact to do something different every weekend. It’s truly sad how complacent one gets with mediocrity in all aspects of life. The aspect Andrew and I were confronting was that of living abroad. We have been living in Kuwait together for over eight months and haven’t experienced all we’ve desired; that ended with our pact! Our new experience this week was the Scientific Center.

In accordance with the weather, the Scientific Center was gorgeous. We walked the boardwalk alongside the center before and after going in. Kuwait City and the Kuwait Towers were faintly visible in the distance, while boats and jet skis sped by us. It was a perfect scene with Arabic music from some guy’s boom box to boot!

Before entering the 3-D IMAX titled BUGS, we spotted a unique snack stand: Choco Nut (pictured above). Choco Nut offers a variety of treats in a cup: peanuts, fruit, chex mix, etc. After selecting the cup of your choosing, the goddess behind the counter holds your cup under a chocolate fountain. Andrew and I licked the cup clean and left the theatre with chocolate all over our faces!

Having seen the multitudes of school buses in the parking lot, there were destined to be oodles of children, and there were. Andrew and I sat in the dark of the theater listening to a documentary on bugs in Arabic while hundreds of children reached out to touch the caterpillars, screamed at the spiders, and applauded at the butterfly’s escape from his chrysalis; when did we all agree we had to sit in a theater in silence? (I’m starting a motion to laugh at the funny parts, sob at the sad parts, and gasp and sigh and groan along with movies! Who’s with me?) As we sat there grinning at the tots, I felt as though I was back in elementary school myself on an exciting adventure away from the normalcy of a schoolroom. This was by far the highlight of my Scientific Center trip. Oh how I miss children and the awe and joy that comes along with them.

Kuwait’s aquarium sits within the center’s walls. Andrew and I toured the exhibits alone and sauntered through them at ease. There is something magical about an aquarium and even more enchanting without loads of people. The scene was that of the climax of a romantic flick with only the two main characters. Ours was real however, without the cameras and dozens of people that go along with them; pure bliss.

It was a wonderful day and we plan to visit again. Hooray for life and all the adventures that go along with it!