Cat around Villa:


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It has been a while since posting adorable kitty pictures. How did I let that happen? She’s just asking to be featured on the blog.

On my love sac . She’s been getting more use out of it than me lately.

“Clean comforter? Don’t mind if I do.”

The joys of waking up next to a furry face. I have two of those nowadays!

Giving Mom a scare on a regular afternoon. “She thinks you can’t lose a cat in a two bedroom apartment. Muhaha!”

Day 11 – Apartment Cleaning


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Saturday July 11th, 2009   Day 11 – Apartment Cleaning

Kuwait housing has an amazing feature. One that on first glance or thought may seem a bit strange but when used unexplainable as to why every home doesn’t contain them. Drains. Drains in the middle of the floors. Drains in the bathrooms. Drains in the kitchen. Here drains, there drains, everywhere drains! With mop and squeegee in hands, Andrew and I look at the kitchen that seems larger now that we are cleaning it. Not only are the floors tile but the walls are logically tile as well. And tada! A drain in the middle of the floor! With Clorox and determination we attacked the kitchen. Does it matter if there are puddles on the floor? No! Push the water to the drain. Does it matter that the cleaner is dripping to the ground? No! Dump some water on it and push it to the drain. Look at that dirty outlet. Should that stop you? Well, yes it should. The drain can’t help you with that situation.

With the kitchen filled with an asphyxiating clean the bathrooms were next to benefit from dun dun da DA…Andrew and Juliane’s Ultimate Cleaning Crew. Ironically the bathrooms were easier. “Why?” you may ask. Because bathrooms contain something kitchens do not, a showerhead. With tile, drain and showerhead cleaning the bathroom suddenly became a whole different chore. We literally hosed the tile walls and floor down, scrubbed them up and hosed them down again. And to think, we didn’t accept those sweet little drains at first glance.

Day 5 – Apartment Hunting


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Sunday July 5th, 2009       Day 5 – Apartment Hunting

It’s amazing when looking for an apartment in Kuwait how many people moved out just yesterday. I’m not exactly sure what would cause such a mad dash of renters to evacuate on the same day but no matter what building we looked in there seemed to be vacant apartments with renters who all moved out yesterday. Lucky for us I guess.

After two days of serious apartment searching and not feeling we found anything right for us we again prayed for God to provide us with something that would meet our needs. Within minutes we saw a sign and contacted the real-estate agent that showed us a spacious two bedroom apartment on the top floor of a villa. The bathrooms and kitchen although not exactly what we want, are much bigger and newer than any of the other dozen of bathrooms and kitchens we viewed. The villa comes with roof access that six months out of the year will be lovely to sit and look at the view of the city. Andrew and I talked and prayed about the place and decided it is worth a try. We will be hopefully moving in before I travel back to the states near the end of the month.