Brenda Noble is in remission!


Posted by Juliane | Posted in Kuwait | Posted on 25-01-2011

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God works in mysterious ways and I know that on this Earth I will not understand many – if any – of them. What I do understand is that he is capable of performing miracles on any given day. Brenda Noble is the sweet mother of a dear friend. She was diagnosed with brain cancer (GBM – glioblastoma multiforme) on January 11, 2010 and given 2 months to live without treatment or 6 months with treatment. God has been present throughout her entire journey and is rejoicing with us now. I sobbed when Shawna told me her mom had cancer but I had tears of joy when she told me she was in remission – by golly I’ve got tears in my eyes now! My prayers are for continued good news pertaining to this battle. Congratulation Mrs. Noble! Praise God!