CitiKitty Week 7:


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Another accident, nuff said.

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CitiKitty Week 5:


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Even though the hole looked huge to me in week 4, Knyckles wasn’t fazed by it a bit. We had zero problems this week – praise God – but now the hole seriously looks huge! It’s intimidating to look at even for me…

I guess we’ll see! 🙂

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CitiKitty Day 1:


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I’ve had my fair share of potty training, however this training was solely on little persons. As big as my ego is on child rearing, it is nonexistent on the raising, training, or disciplining of a feline. To say I had my hesitancies on toilet training my cat, Knyckles, is a severe understatement. I will be posting updates on the success and/or failures of our CitiKitty experience periodically so that you too can see if both I and my cat have what it takes to potty train her.

After reading the very short and idiot proof handbook that accompanied our CitiKitty, I set up Knyckles bathroom in our guest bathroom. Yes, the cat has her own restroom. Both her previous litter boxes were removed and in place of them she had a tiny pretend litter box covering the toilet bowl. Despite my initial concerns, I was quite optimistic that Knyckles would be peeing on the pot in the minimum 4 week timeline. 36 hours later when she had yet to do her business and was meowing like a crazed animal, I was following her around the apartment making sure she didn’t just pop a squat on the laundry room floor. I even created a walkway out of a side table so that she didn’t have to jump onto the toilet but could instead walk into it like it was at the end of a runway. It was now 2:00am and I had been jumping out of bed every time she cried to stand next to her in her bathroom as she stared at the CitiKitty. Even this minuscule recognition of it earned a treat for her and she was finally getting in it and turning circles trying to make enough room for herself. And then finally, she dug out her cat courage and peed in the toilet…or into her litter box on the toilet. Hooray!

Cleaning it wasn’t the most fun I’d had all day either, although I was so elated that she’d gone in it at all that I might as well have been Snow White whistling while I worked. It wasn’t until the next morning when I found a little pile of pooh on the floor that I fully realized that this was going to be a long 4 or 5 or 10 week course in cat toilet training.

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July 28th, 2010 – Dhymes Dies


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As much as I hate to put this in writing – because I still find myself in disbelief and somehow it feels like writing it down will make it actually true – my sweet Dhymes death was an unforgettable part of this summer. So here is my darling kitty’s obituary:

Dhymes passed away the evening of July 28th, 2010 at the International Veterinary Hospital in Kuwait. He was an 8 year old ball of fluff who even in his last moments tried to be his best. While he occasionally had trouble doing ordinary cat things, it all added up to making him a one of a kind cat. He met me at the front door regularly, allowed me to squeeze him tightly while falling asleep, and humored me in dressing him up and trimming him down. He ate through any package of bread or meat that I left in a grocery bag on the floor or on the counter and returned my scolds with classic puppy dog eyes, which are just as effective in a feline.

I have mentioned a woman named Jan in a previous post. She is what I would call one of my mother’s lifelong friends. When I had a game for my Tsunami Volleyball team in Jan’s town, we stayed with her at her home. Her cat, Annie, had just had a litter of 6 kittens a few weeks before. Knyckles and Dhymes were a part of that litter. Dhymes was the only male and the only kitten that featured his mother: white body with orange ears. The rest looked like their father: white bodies with some form of black ears. Annie rough housed Dhymes and cleaned him until we were certain he would bleed. He was treated differently than all the other kittens. At one point during our stay my mother said, “If I had a cat, I’d want one like him. He knows how to play and he knows how to relax!” A few months later when my mother went to visit Jan, two bigger kittens met her at the door as Jan hollered, “It’s time you take your cats home!” She explained to my mother how I needed a cat and if I wasn’t allowed a cat because my brother didn’t have a pet that she had one for him too. She even saved the one my mother had joshed about wanting even though he had been promised to someone else. And that is how they came to me: in a black carrier, in the red Miata on Mom’s way back to Georgia.

Although my brother adored Dhymes, his life got more hectic leaving him unable to care for him. So I was given the gift of Dhymes. The more I think of him, the more I realize what a constant he was in my life; as crushes came and went; as I muddled through high school and then college; as I moved from house to house and apartment to apartment; as I cried myself to sleep; and as I cursed the mundane life I led, he was there steadily purring he reassurance. And I couldn’t have asked for more than that.

He was loved, spoiled, and is terribly missed.