50/20/5 Liberation Fireworks:


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I have never seen a fireworks display like the one on Friday February 25th at the Kuwait Towers. It was purely breathtaking. Andrew and I stood staring in amazement during the hour long show without ever thinking about sitting down.

We had arrived early and ate dinner at Chili’s. Then sat playing a card game and watching the Kuwaitis come and go in their nations colors: black, white, red, and green. The Arabic language has always had an aggressive edge to me, but it sounded much more endearing that night. The whole atmosphere was nothing but a joyous celebration. Everyone was smiling and enjoying time with their families. Kids were armed with water guns spraying the cars and people that passed by them. People were wearing crazy red and green wigs from the Sultan Center and the Lulu Hypermarket. It really was something to behold.

After lying on a blanket and watching people pack in, we watched the fireworks from the shores of the Persian Gulf. Men and children shouted and gasped as the women sang out their custom ALALALALAs. In the lulls of the fireworks, video montages displayed on the Kuwait towers caused everyone to erupt in celebration again. We sat in traffic that night for over an hour and didn’t mind a bit. We were just happy to have experienced the night together. I’ll not forget my Liberation Day fireworks for a very long time. What a great show, Kuwait!

Day 286 – Ode to the Ostrich Egg


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Tuesday April 13th, 2010

I was against this from the beginning; I said no; I put my foot down. My statement and my foot were refuted. We bought the sordid ostrich egg from the Sultan Center and gently carried the dead baby bird home. Poor baby bird.

If I think about chicks, I have trouble eating regular eggs. If I look at the ostrich egg, I get sad and remorseful. Why do we eat other living things? Poor baby bird.

This is the part where I began to dry heave in the kitchen waiting for a teeny ostrich form to fall out of what should’ve been its safe haven. This is also the part where Andrew laughs. Poor baby bird.

We apparently needed a much bigger bowl: 1 ostrich egg = 10ish chicken eggs. Poor baby bird.

Andrew and Shayne enjoyed the ostrich egg; I could not bring myself to eat it. Poor baby bird.

Day 270 – Bathing Suit Advertisements


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Saturday March 27th, 2010

Because Kuwaitis are mostly Muslim, it is rare to see men or women in shorts and sleeveless shirts let alone bathing suits. I have only seen one woman in a tank top in my 8 months here – and yes, it does get pretty hot. Andrew and I found these advertisements a bit entertaining while shopping at the Sultan Center. Some of them are done so well, it looks like they were designed this way, others, not so much.